Privacy Policy
This privacy policy page explains how this site uses the personal data it collects from you when you use this website.

This site does not collect your personal data or use cookies, with one exception (A) and one caveat (B):
    A) The GDPR compliant voluntary/opt-in only Newsletter, which is administered and hosted by If you opt-in, your email address and name are requested. This information will be maintained by Mailchimp in accordance with Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and data security practices. As far as goes, your email address and name will be used to, “keep (you) up-to-date with all things Johannes Johns, and The Redwood Revenger trilogy related,” by…sending you an email. That’s it. Mailchimp includes opt-out information at the time of opt-in and with every email. Easy. Questions or concerns? Please use the contact link provided at the bottom of every page.
    B) This site uses some subscription fonts from the Adobe Typekit, a third-party provider of web fonts, and has no control over Adobe’s privacy policies nor how you you may or may not be impacted by them, nor does it have access to this information in the event it’s collected. If any information is indeed being collected by Adobe or on its behalf, this information will be maintained by Adobe in accordance with their presumably GDPR compliant Adobe Privacy Policy and data security practices. Here’s the subsection on Adobe fonts; wherein, Adobe says, “In providing the Adobe Fonts service, we do not set or use cookies on websites in order to serve our fonts.”

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