The Redwood Revenger
The Redwood Revenger
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Literary solarpunk sci-fi with* heart, humor, and soul! Olivia Ermine survives the Great Warming safe in Cascadia, yet an evil sock monkey would see her dead. Can she beat the rising tide?

*Also may contain: tree nuts, trail running, electric-Sasquatch, revenge, pygmy-deathstars, a Master Thespian, (non-killer) robot scientists, martial arts, culinary arts, parkour, a Jacobean-style revenge play, a brief homage to Citizen Kane, sex, thunderbud, murder, mayhem, a quirky genius girlfriend, qubits, Buddhism, fine vegetarian dining, a centuries old rivalry, Redwood’s premiere bhangra surf punk ensemble, lust, soy, less than 300 insect parts/million words, and all the revenge you can shake a redwood plank at!

It’s 2043 and things are capital-G, Grrreat! The Great Warming has proceeded apace, Florida is a soggy nub aslither in pythons. The Great Erasure’s come and gone, shattering the black mirror and the Great Autarch’s Regime with it. The networked smart-murder2.0-toaster surveillance state’s gone now; so are financial markets, digital records, and killer robots. Yass, long live the Quantum Era! The West Coast seceded; it’s now The Cascadian Federation, a vertical farming empire powered by the sun, which runs the desalinators 24/7. The border’s secure out to the old Highway 15 DMZ, where Cascadia ends and Montanastan begins, home to militias, dust, famines, mass crucifixions, nut-jobbery, and the ravages of paleomegavirus.

Olivia Ermine, 16, orphaned in a tragic wine-country ballooning accident, has been with Uncle Ernie ever since. He’s a (non)standard genius rockstar-status artist. They’ve left their chaotic globetrotting life behind and moved back to their ancestral family home in Redwood, a charming Cascadian university town. Yet, the transition’s had a few quirks…disturbing dreams and now visions of a scruffy, floating, saucer-eyed musical toy pig. To make matters worse, she’s pursued by an evil, straight razor wielding dandified sock monkey. Meanwhile, VanDirks, a worldwide fast-food megacorp that got its start in the 1600s in the slave trade, is after her uncle. Olivia’s family has something that VanDirks desperately needs to complete its domination of the planet…and they will stop at nothing to get it!

Approx. 310 pages (97,000 words) in length.

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