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This privacy policy page explains how this site uses the data it collects from you when you use this website. There is an eye-catching red link to this Privacy Policy (and Cookies Policy) included in the footer section of all pages on this site. Be sure to review this site's Cookies Policy as well.

Short Version
  • does not sell or rent your information to third-parties. If you sign-up for the Newsletter/email, you agree/consent to share you email address and name. You control your subscription and you can unsubscribe at anytime; there’s an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all subscription email communications.
  • Your email + name data are managed and processed by third-parties (i.e. MailerLite).
  • MailerLite may use various cookies and tracking methods detailed below.
  • This site uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies to track how you interact with the site and emails that you’ve sign-up to receive.
  • Third-parties are responsible for their own Privacy & Cookie Policies and practices, and will handle data in accordance with them. This site does not control or own these third-parties, and is not responsible for them or their actions.
  • This site does not host third-party advertising, so it won’t knowingly track your behavior across sites.
Long Version
California Do Not Track (DNT) Disclosures
This site does not respond to DNT (Do Not Track) requests. Neither does this site have control over how third-parties interacting with this site handle DNT. See also: this site’s Cookies Policy.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • If you sign-up for the Newsletter/email, your email address and name will be used to send you email. You can delete your data by using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email.
  • This site does not sell or rent your personal data.
What identifying personal information is collected by the site (CCPA)?
None, unless… you opt-in (subscribe) to receive the Newsletter/email. If you do, you provide your email address and name.

What non-identifying personal information is collected by the site (CCPA)?
  • This is information that is collected by third-parties through your interaction with this site.
  • See the following subsections: Google Analytics Cookies (site use, email tracking), Google reCAPTCHA (email sign-up), MailerLite and You. Also see: Cookies Policy.
  • This site's Privacy Policy footer pop-up banner may know not to show itself to you again after you've clicked to “Accept” it, thus it uses session based Strictly Necessary and Functionality cookies to accomplish this. Thus, your browser may retain some data about your having clicked the “I Accept” button for the purpose of not showing it to you again during a session.
Google Analytics: Cookies
  • Cookies are wee bits of data (often a line of text) that a website generates and then stores on your computing device when you visit that site. A cookie can “remember” your site preferences. A cookie can also be used to track your behavior to better understand how you interact with a website, email, process, or promotion, or to provide a functional service. Here’s an in-depth Wikipedia article on cookies, their many varieties, uses, and history.
  • Google Analytics uses performance cookies to track usage on this site, within some third-party promotions, and sometimes to track the Newsletter/email Johannes Johns sends.
  • Non-personally-identifying information collected may include: your IP address, geolocation (based on your IP address), average time spent on the site, which site pages are visited, browser type, operating system, language preference, referring sites, date and time data.
  • You can use your browser settings to decline cookies. You can also use your Google account settings to modify how, if, and when Google tracks you online.
  • See both Google’s Data Privacy and Security Help Center, including opt-out instructions, and How Google Uses Information From Sites or Apps That Use Our Services.
  • See also: this site’s Cookies Policy.
MailerLite & Google reCAPTCHA: Cookies
When you sign-up to receive the Newsletter/email, MailerLite’s form includes this feature to block bots and spam. It’s possible that Google uses Strictly Necessary, Performance, Security, and Functionality cookies to collect information about your activity that might or could be used to identify you, or associate this data with your personal Google accounts via other Google cookies (that aren’t associated with this site). Here’s a link to the Google Privacy Policy.

What personally-identifying information is collected if you subscribe to the Newsletter/email?
  • Your email address and name.
  • Your information will be used to, “Keep (you) up-to-date with all-the-things Johannes Johns related, including new releases, other topics of interest, and The Redwood Revenger trilogy,” by sending you email.
  • Your information will be maintained by MailerLite in accordance with MailerLite’s Privacy Policy and data confidentiality and security practices. And, according to MailerLite’s Privacy Policy, Subsection 8. Safety of your information: “However, these measures do not guarantee that your information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by breach of such precautions. By using our Service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.”
  • Your data is also stored on physically secure and digitally encrypted local and cloud-based electronic storage media. However, these measures do not guarantee the absolute safety of your information. By providing your data to this site you acknowledge, understand, and agree to assume the risk of the misappropriation, alteration, or destruction of your data.
  • You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter/emails at anytime. There’s an “Unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of every email. The action should be immediate, but its alacrity may depend on how quickly MailerLite can reasonably process the request. Should you unsubscribe, some data may be retained by MailerLite per GDPR compliant policies, obligations, and best practices for the purpose of documenting that you did indeed consent to sign-up or opt-in in the first place and have subsequently exercised your “right to be forgotten,” or opt-out—so, a paradox.
MailerLite and You (if you agree to receive Newsletter/email): Cookies
According to MailerLite’s Privacy Policy, MailerLite uses: i) Cookies (locally stored tiny files that allow MailerLite to track your use of their services. (You can decline such cookies though your browser settings), ii) Web beacons (single-pixel tags embedded within an email that tracks if and when the email is opened, your IP address, browser/email client, etc. iii) “Unique identifiers and similar tracking technologies” to measure the performance of email campaigns and to improve user experience. MailerLite uses Strictly Necessary, Performance, and Functionality cookies. See also: this site’s Cookies Policy.

Information Sharing
  • does not rent or sell your information to third-parties.
  • Your data may be shared for operational, quality/processing/functional/security, or maintenance purposes.
  • Third-party subsidiaries and independent contractors: this site may from time to time share information about you to authorized subsidiaries, employees, and independent contractors who need the information to help this site provide services or process information on our behalf. Such entities are required to follow this Privacy Policy.
  • Third-party entities: information is shared in order to provide services or process data on our behalf, including but not limited to MailerLite, Google Analytics, Adobe Typekit, and others as necessary.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements: in the unlikely event that this site, Johannes Johns, or a third-party entity receives a valid subpoena, court order, or other governmental request, your information may be shared. An exception condition where a valid authorizing document may not be required may occur when this site has a good faith belief that there is an emergency involving the active, specific, and imminent threat of death or serious injury.
Data Automation
This site may use low-level automated decision making when processing your personal information. For instance, if you indicated that you wished to hear more about “Sasquatch” or “sentient space-carrots” that information might go into a data-field along with the rest of the information you’ve voluntarily provided. Thus, when my new novel about Sasquatch and their sentient space-carrot friends debuts, you might automatically get an email about it as you expressed an interest.

Data Transfer Internationally
Yes, your data is a sub-speed of light world traveller! In some instances it may even LEAVE THE PLANET if bounced around the internet(s) via satellite. For instance, this site is located in the US. MailerLite is located in Lithuania and globally, its servers could be located in many different countries, etc. If you’re not located in the US (and sometimes even if you are), your data may be transferred, stored, and processed transnationally.

Adobe Typekit
This site uses some subscription fonts from the Adobe Typekit, a third-party provider of web fonts, and this site has no control over Adobe’s privacy policies nor how you may be impacted by them, nor does it have access to this information in the event it’s collected. If any information is indeed being collected by Adobe or on its behalf, this information will be maintained by Adobe in accordance with their 
Adobe Privacy Policy and data security practices. Here’s the subsection on Adobe fonts; wherein, Adobe says, “In providing the Adobe Fonts service, we do not set or use cookies on websites in order to serve our fonts.”

Business Transfers
In the event that this site and/or the Johannes Johns literary empire is inherited, acquired, sold, or Johannes Johns chooses to work with another agent or publisher, your personal data may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge and consent that such a transfer of your data could occur and is allowed by this Privacy Policy. Keep in mind that your Personal Data would still be protected by this Privacy Policy and that you can always unsubscribe.

Age of Consent
By subscribing to the Newsletter and opting in to receive email from, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age.

Privacy Policy Changes
This site reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Third-parties listed herein may also change their privacy policies at anytime and without forewarning, and these changes may not be reflected in this site's Privacy Policy.

Questions, Requests, or Concerns?
Please use the contact link provided at the bottom of every page.

Updated on November 13, 2020.

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